Becoming a minimalist – giving away #stuff – for FREE

Hello friends,

Well, here goes…. These past few years have been whirlwind to say the least…. four moves and finally settling into a teeny tiny condo in Arlington after having lived my entire life in a house, with an attic and a basement to store my belongings (also known as “STUFF”).

I spent a pretty good penny to store my ‘stuff’ while I figured out where I wanted to live in the DC area. The DC metro area has so many interesting and unique neighborhoods – so it takes time to get your bearings here. I can’t say that I am finally where I want to be – but I am happy with my commute, neighborhood, and proximity to Int’l Airports 🙂

I recently visited some friends in California and they have a practically bare house – besides a few pieces of art and framed photos (one of which I took, and another is a black & white photo I got from a surfer friend) the house had a great feeling – there was no clutter – she’s a MINIMALIST. My friend Jenny laughs because apparently each time I visit her I marvel that she lives like that.

So, yeah, back to my stuff…. after hauling all this ‘stuff’ around I am finally getting to the last of my things. I have decided that rather than look at all these boxes sit in a corner of my tiny condo I am going to give them away to my friends that want them.

My first set of items are memorabilia from my previous life at the 102nd Fighter Wing, Otis Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts. The 102nd is rich in history – the longest serving aviation squadron (1921-2008) – first F-15 responders to 9/11…

All the items have been claimed, I hope that everyone enjoys their little gift from me 🙂 Comments and messages via my blog have been nice to receive.

Ramsay_ArtThere was one particular item that I had a hard time deciding to let go, and that was my art. I am such a huge fan of stipple and pen/ink art – and it was a very thoughtful gift from Torch. I worked with him for a few years – in addition to being a former F-15 pilot, he is a talented artist and photographer. He took many iconic F-15 photos and would often stop by my office to get his photos scanned (back in the film days). I had the honor of shooting his fini-flight when he retired as an F-15 pilot. I will surely miss this piece, but I just never got around to getting it framed – I know it is going to a good home. The memory of this print will live on in my blog 🙂

9 Comments on “Becoming a minimalist – giving away #stuff – for FREE

  1. Hi Sandy! My first time reading your blog….you do know that you come from a long line of people with ‘stuff’, don’t you!! Oh well, someday, I, too will ‘minimize’ my life. But for now, I’ll stay the same! Love, Aunt Deb


    • Oh boy – do I ever know this – you guys are the tchotchke kings & queens! Thank you for reading my blog Aunt Debby! Hope to see you guys next year – have fun at the holiday party. Love, Sandy


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